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Youth Club Schedule Fall 2022

Monday: 5:30-6:30

Wednesday: 5:30-6:30

Thursday: 5:30-6:30

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Monthly $300

Semester (4.5 months) $1,000

10,000 Hour Rule

Before achieving mastery, we can rely on the 10,000-hour rule as a major theme in the development of track and field athletes. The goal at Broward Elite is to create lifelong track and field athletes that become a part of the community that makes up our sport. One of the issues in track and field is a lack of attention paid to the youth athletes in the sport. Too often are kids sent to track practice and participating in workouts for senior-level athletes. At BEAC, we aim to change the youth landscape of track and field for the better. Gone are the days of repeat 200s and intensive workouts. Our expert coaches will be particularly concerned with combining technical skill practice with a less specific play atmosphere specific to the sport of track and field. Getting in the right amount of technical practice with track and field play is critical to long term success and enjoyment of the sport. 


The sport of track and field has quickly become a condensed version of old-school collegiate-style training for our youth. Our goal is not to overload kids with track and field technical work but to guide them into track and field play, where they can develop an intrinsic motivation to continue training and seek more guided technical sessions as they age. Developing the skills from a young age that are required of a senior-level athlete are easily obtained through play. Our goal is to develop athletes holistically and through major athletic themes throughout the year. The more basic athletic skills obtained, the more well-rounded and confident athletes we can develop.


As players age and look to make their way into a competitive landscape, we will begin to train the specific energy systems needed to develop our athletes optimally. Our coaches are trained to develop plans for all event groups and prepare them accordingly. With our emphasis of creating better athletes, most athletes will benefit from developing every energy system from a young age which will also benefit from an injury prevention standpoint. With maturational and developmental differences, kids need to separate themselves as coaches see fit. Our goal is to provide an environment that will be able to fit the needs of everyone at every level, from youth to professionals. 


The Gradual progression of youth athletes is paramount when developing an elite athlete. We encourage our athletes to participate in other sports to develop coordination and overall athletic development. We do not recommend doing 2 sports simultaneously as this will increase the risk of injury and burnout, which will hinder the overall development of an athlete. If track and field is something a youth athlete wants to do year-round, we will accommodate for the lack of athletic skills developed from other sports with basic athletic development practices. Outside of that, we will be able to provide the mental and emotional development and physical conditioning needed to become an elite athletes. Our coaching staff all competed and have coached high-level athletes. Athlete development is a dynamic process. There are multiple pathways that young athletes may take. The BEAC Development Framework aims to provide all players with the skills, knowledge, and ability to decide where and to what extent they wish to take their track and field journey. 

The BEAC Difference

Many options exist for engaging in track and field-related experience and developmental processes. What makes BEAC different is the systematic and coordinated plan to provide the best opportunity for young athletes to see the very best track and field experience in the United States. Our coaching staff is consistently learning and growing as coaches and mentors for our youth program. Our flexibility and willingness to learn will be the difference in creating a competitive athlete and an Olympian. Whether your goal is to get faster, jump higher, throw farther, or receive a full-ride Division 1 Scholarship, BEAC is here to provide the best possible pathway. Our coaches have been involved in the sport at every level, from youth to Olympic training camps. 

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